In Poio we can find three different ports: Combarro, Raxó and Campelo. Tourism is the main economic source of the area. Throughout the 20 kilometre Poio coastline we can delve into semi- urban beaches, rural and natural environments. There is a great variety of guided routes in this area, which are offeredb y shellfish gatherers together with sailing clubs with sheltered waters so as to be able to sail throughout the year. The fish market in the small town of Campelo has the undisputed leadership for turnover of bivalves from the Galician estuaries. In fact, the Clam Festival that is held in Poio is the oldest gastronomic festival, which showcases the carpet shell clam, one of the most delicious species of the variants that are collected in the coasts of Galicia. A curiosity is that in one of the parishes of this town council, in Porto Santo, are the ruins of the so-called birthplace of Christopher Columbus, which today forms a museum that explores the theory of the Galician Columbus. We cannot forget Combarro, a very important tourist centre in Poio, a fishing village where the sea merges with its old quarter, declared of cultural interest as a Historic Complex and as a Historic Site.