The Morada Atlántica Project | Cocina Atlántica

The Morada Atlántica Project

Morada Atlántica is an inter-territorial and transnational cooperation project for the sustainable development of fishing areas within the framework of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) 2014-2020. Its aim is to promote the transfer of knowledge of the coastal territories of the Atlantic Arc through sustainable tourist products that pivot around the seafaring heritage and Atlantic gastronomy as elements of identity.

  • To promote economic development, social inclusion and job creation in the tourist sector.
  • To enhance the network of ethnographic, cultural, landscape and environmental heritage with the gastronomic resources of the territories involved as the cornerstone.
  • To intensify relations between the people of the Atlantic Area through culture, landscape and gastronomy.

Development of a common Atlantic tourism product


The Cocina Atlántica (Atlantic Cuisine) label was created as a seal of approval for the preparation of dishes based on native products from the Atlantic territories.
Recognition of autochthonous quality.

REMA NETWORK: first European network of Atlantic museum spaces

The Network of Atlantic Museum Spaces, REMA, promotes the tourist destinations that make up the Atlantic Arc through a cultural and heritage exchange linked to the seafaring tradition of these territories.

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